“” is a collection of information about Internal Combustion Model Engines designed and built in Italy, from the very beginning to 1960. This includes three periods, typically indicated as follows;
Antique up to december 31st 1940
Old Timer from 1941 to 1950
Nostalgia from 1951 to 1960
This set of information is organized around the designer (when known!) so, shouldn’t be surprising to find mentioned famous models or other crafts that help to understand the character of the man.
Beside Designers, other words may be included and organized in
alphabetic order. Examples are: Places like Guidonia, Forlì that had a dramatic
importance in the history of model engines development, and other to come.
Engines produced later than 1960 may be enclosed if the designer was
already active prior to 1960. For this reason the Kosmic engines and others are
rapidly mentioned but important manufacturers like Rossi, Cipolla, Picco and
other are not included.
Another arbitrary choice is the exclusion of all the OSAM and Super Tigre Engines. This is due to the fact that these engines are a lot more diffuse and other authors already published their works (see Franco Candidi ( and Salvi Angeloni.
Collection of data was started in Italian. Later on, considering that a few of our best Italian engines were bought in England or USA, and considering that important collectors confuse Antares and Atomatic engines or, studies for months who produced in England a wonderful ETA 49 originated in Italy by Elio Tacchella, we decided to switch to English. The final idea is to have the entire document bilingual, but for now take it as is: part in Italian, part in English.
The entire story started when SAM 2001 published two important enclosures to the monthly magazine “L’Aquilone”. These are “motori italiani d’epoca” on dec. 2002 and “Milestone of progress” on feb. 2003, translated by Silvano Boccianti from Model Airplane News aug. 1974.
Very important starting points.
But the subject is too extensive and the Italian contribution too peculiar: let’s start from “motori italiani d’epoca” with the guide of the work already published.
Up to this point the work was intended for personal knowledge but very soon it was clear that without the help of expert contributors and without interviewing the surviving actors of the game it would have been very difficult to continue. This was started.....
Now, after a few month of work, we believe the operation is impossible to be completed, nevertheless we continue: every day we learn something new; the file increases in dimension.... it is a race against time but we shouldn’t allow that the memory of such an exciting activity be sunk into oblivion.
This is the reason actual “replica manufacturers” like Ambrosi e Gattafoni, Sauro Nazario Zanchi, Alberto Dall’Oglio, but also the possibly less known Lollato, Vendramin and so on (let me apologize to the non mentioned ones) receive a warm welcome in this collection. They contribute better than ever to maintain the memory alive.
The only possibility to reach a sort of result is dependent from the contribution received by people who still remember such an old matter. Our work is intended for free share with the only purpose to maintain the memory alive.
The Authors
Nothing important: an old boy 67y old (carlo) active as aeromodeller in the 50s and early 60s, pupil of Pelegi and Podda for free flight and of Marcenaro and again Podda for VVC, now retired and again enthusiast.
A younger boy 45y old (rodolfo), recently enthusiast of aeromodelling with expertise of mechanics, oleopneumatics and maintenance.
Please help with your contribution
Please read the enclosed material, criticize structure and content
Add any information you may have
And let us know who else may be of help
Thanks – carlo & rodolfo